Camp 4 Champs Activities

Kids Activities at Camp 4 Champs

Camp 4 Champs offer a range of activities in a safe and stimulating environment to keep your child active and having fun. 

Arts & Crafts at Camp 4 Champs

Arts & Crafts are a big part of our Camp 4 Champs programme. We have hundreds of activities to suit every camper. Every day we will have options available from painting, clay modelling, paper maché, sewing to model building. Our little campers can get as creative as they desire without worrying about the mess!

Badminton is aimed at our older campers. It is a net sport which is played in the sports hall and the aim is to try and play the shuttle over the net and beat your opponent. Our camp supervisors use a variety of practices and different types of equipment to get the children playing the shuttle back and forth over the net in no time at all.

Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed at each end of the court. At Camp 4 Champs we use age appropriate equipment and for our mini campers we focus on fun rather than game play.

Cookery is another popular activity at Camp 4 Champs. Our budding Jamie Olivers and Mary Berrys can be inspired by our  cooking activities. Each day our little campers measure, mix, bake and serve up a wonderful culinary delight! From cupcakes to pizzas to pancakes our staff are at hand to assist with all the tricky jobs and to make sure the children stay safe in the kitchen. Once the camper’s creations are complete, the children are given the opportunity to eat their yummy treats or can wrap them up and take home to share with their families.

Dance is an absolute blast and one of the more popular activities at camp! Move over Usher and Beyoncé and make way for the Camp 4 Champ dancers! Our dance sessions are where our little champs get the chance to express themselves. Our enthusiastic and energetic staff have an endless supply of routines to keep our campers engaged and motivated.

Dodgeball is a team sport whereby players on two teams throw foam balls to try to hit their opponents, while avoiding being hit themselves. The aim of the game is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls or catching a ball thrown by an opponent.

Football is a team sport where the aim is to score more goals than your opponent. At Camp 4 Champs we play small sided, age appropriate football with equipment which is safe and suitable for the age of the child.

Gymnastics involves tumbling, twisting, turning, jumping, and flying through the air to name a few of the more daring activities that our little campers can try. The children are encouraged to balance and control their bodies whilst having lots of fun. 

Kwik Cricket is a version of cricket which is played with a plastic bat and ball. The aim of the game is to score more runs than your opposing team. At Camp 4 Champs we play many versions of the game with the intention of giving the children as much time to bat and bowl as possible.

Nerf Wars is an activity involving Nerf blasters which fire foam darts. There are many different games which are played during Nerf wars at camp; all with the main aim of conquering an opponent’s territory. Children are divided into teams, handed a coloured bandana to wear how they choose and even have the option of covering their faces in ‘war paint’ to look like Rambo! Before any equipment is handed out, there is an extensive safety briefing as your child’s wellbeing is of the utmost importance. The games are explained, and expectations are extremely high. Eye protection is handed out by our staff, followed by the nerf guns. This is an extremely popular activity for our campers and one that receives a lot of positive feedback.

Netball is a game played between two teams in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop. Once a player receives the ball, they are not allowed to move with it. An opponent must remain 1 meter away from the player with the ball and must not make contact. The team which score the most goals at the end of the game are the winners.

Party games & discos are held at the end of each holiday period. We make a huge fuss of celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas. Our little campers are encouraged to either dress up in fancy dress, or even just a fancy outfit so they can hit the dance floor and bust some moves. We have party games galore to give our campers the ultimate party experience!

Slip & Slide is most definitely the favourite outdoor activity for our campers! Essentially, we have a giant tarpaulin covered with soap and water- the campers run as fast as they can and dive onto the big slippery tarp and slide to the end! Our Camp 4 Champ coaches are at hand with the hosepipe making sure that the children take their turn along the side and get a soaking on the way!!!

Swimming is offered every day at some of our Camp 4 Champs locations (Billericay & Warlingham). Our dedicated team of lifeguards run these fun swimming sessions and we have an extensive pre-swimming checklist to ensure that our campers are grouped according to their swimming ability and confidence in the water. Our pre-camp checklist includes information about the campers swimming capability. If a child has not been to camp before, they must complete a swim test (swim 10 meters unaided and not touch the floor). Depending on the child’s ability they are either given the go ahead to use the whole pool or arm bands and must remain in the shallow end. From here it is an hour of non-stop fun! Campers will have a number of toys and inflatables such as rubber rings, lilos, floats, and beach balls to keep them occupied. Please see our swimming video’s for more information


Team games are a popular choice at Camp 4 Champs, and we have plenty for every age group! Our youngest campers thoroughly enjoy games such as ‘duck, duck, goose’ and ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’. Our older campers absolutely love traditional games such as run-outs, bench ball and stuck in the mud. 

Tennis is available at camp all year round. The aim of the game is to play the ball over the net and try and beat your opponent. At Camp 4 Champs we play indoor and outdoor tennis and use equipment which is most suited to the age and ability of each child.

Trampolining is one of the most popular activities at camp! At each camp location we have two competition trampolines which are 3 ½ meters in length. Under the watchful eye of our staff, our little campers bounce in a safe and controlled environment.

Volleyball is a net game which we adapt to suit the age range of children attending camp. Camp 4 Champs volleyball is a game played by two teams in which the players use their hands, feet and any body part they wish to bat a ball back and forth over a net. We use a soft ball and a lower net.

Every day is different at Camp 4 Champs multi-skills activity camps with an abundance of engaging and fun activities and a choice for your child according to their age. From sports to outdoor explorations, arts and crafts to team games, our wide range of holiday activities are aimed towards children aged 4-14 years. This ensures that every child enjoys every moment of their time with us at Camp 4 Champs.

We plan daily schedules to suit the age, interest and ability of every child. 

All of our activities are designed to keep your child entertained and active in a safe environment.  

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the activities offered, please get in touch