Camp 4 Champs Early & Extended Camps

Early & Extended Camps

Camp 4 Champs provide extended hours giving parents and carers the opportunity to increase the duration of the your child’s action packed day at holiday camp. 

Early & Extended Camps

At Camp 4 Champs we understand many of you have work commitments that stretch beyond our regular day camp hours. Our extended camp offers parents/carers the opportunity to drop children off early and collect later for a small daily fee, easing the pressure of a busy day and also giving kids more time to have fun at camp, a winning combination!

Early camp at Camp 4 Champs


Our early morning programme combines supervised care with fun activities encouraging kids to explore and learn in a safe and happy environment. The morning session is regarded as structured ‘free play’ and is considered an opportunity for children to learn independence, for friendships to blossom, self-confidence to grow and have lots of fun in the process!

Children arriving to early camp with an abundance of energy can quickly get involved in several activities; including football, basketball, table tennis and lots more sports or they may prefer to choose the chill out zone whereby they can play Jenga, board games, make a loom band or read a book.

Extended camp at Camp 4 Champs


Our extended afternoon programme is held in a dedicated area and provides kids with a range of activities to keep them entertained whilst being supervised. The session is specifically designed to offer a blend of stimulating and relaxing activities (e.g. table tennis, multi sports games, reading, board games or a movie) depending on your child’s preference in a completely safe and secure setting.

Children can choose from the selected activities on offer how they wish to enjoy the rest of their day. Not surprisingly, a popular choice is the delicious toast and jam and hot chocolate which children can enjoy for FREE whilst sitting quietly and chillaxing after a fun, action packed day!