My Child and what they need to bring to camp

How will you care for my child?

Camp 4 Champs is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of your child always and is our topmost concern.  Safer recruitment is central to the way we work. We are incredibly proud of our dedicated and enthusiastic staff who share our commitment to safeguarding, always creating an environment where your child sees our camp as a fun place to be and where they feel safe and can thrive. 

Prior to camp opening, we conduct all the necessary health and safety checks to ensure the venue is fit for purpose for the care of your child. All staff are appropriately trained and are fully aware of the necessary policies and procedures. This training includes health, safety, safeguarding, hygiene, managing children’s behaviour to name a few. Our staff are also trained in the safe delivery of a variety of different activities, continually ensuring they’re safe and fun. 

Whilst your child is at Camp 4 Champs the staff complete daily checks as part of our monitoring system to ensure they are safe and running in accordance with our codes of practice. Daily welfare reminder checklists for various childcare routines such as hygiene, healthy eating, fire safety and sun protection are also completed by staff. Children are continually supervised by staff throughout the day including break and lunch times. Our adult (supervisor) to child ratios vary from activity to activity; however, we aim to keep the groups as small as possible.

At the end of each day our staff will follow our strict and secure collection procedures as children leave. If you’d like any feedback on your child’s day, please just ask during this time and we’ll organise for a member of staff to speak to you.

First time at camp? No problem, help is at hand….

When heading to a sports multi-skills camp for the first time, we appreciate that it can be a little daunting for you and your child. We understand how much trust it takes to leave your child in the care of another person and we take your child’s health and well-being very seriously. For most, excitement trumps nerves but rest assured that our caring staff will ensure that your worries are quickly put at ease and your child is settled in smoothly. Camp 4 Champs prides itself on delivering a high-quality kids holiday activity camp whereby your child will make new friends, increase their self-confidence and feel good about their accomplishments. Staff support each individual child during their first time at camp by making sure they’re familiar with the venue, staff and how the programme works and what they should expect during their day. 

When you arrive at camp, staff quickly get to know your child and their individual needs and interests.

Buddy systems are used to pair children with a friend, so everyone feels included. During the registration period team building games are played so children are involved in a group activity straight away. It’s surprisingly quick how children settle in and make new friends!

What happens when I drop my child off?

Look out for the Camp 4 Champs banner and our staff who will be on hand to direct you to the registration point when arriving at camp.  Drop off and collection will be at this point every day. At the registration desk, give the member of staff your child’s name.

The member of staff will check that you have submitted your ‘All about me’ form and check over any additional information that you have made us aware of. From this point your child will be introduced to our friendly camp staff who will introduce them to their buddy friend so the fun can begin! This member of staff will oversee the care of your child and ensure they settle easily into the camp. To enhance security when collecting your child from camp you will be given a password for the day. This will be required by the person collecting your child at collection time. 

How do I receive feedback about my child’s day?

If you would like to speak to a member of staff about their marvellous achievements and what they have been up to during the day they will be more than happy to have a chat with you and share this information when collecting your child. If this is not a convenient time for you, simply ask for an appointment and we will endeavour to get back to you asap. 

What if my child has difficulty settling at camp?

All children experience a mixture of excitement and nervousness when camp approaches, this is natural. The camp experience can help kids develop social skills, resilience, self-reliance and social adaptability. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much your child’s confidence will grow at Camp 4 Champs. We continually receive positive feedback from parents about how their child was very nervous at the start of camp, but by the end of their first day all signs of nerves had disappeared, and they can’t wait to come back! Our staff are aware children can be worried about coming to a new childcare setting and are trained to deal sympathetically with these situations. 

In the unlikely event that your child doesn’t settle at camp on their first day, please let us know at your earliest convenience. You can contact the Customer Service Team on 07935962812 (Essex) or 07731535909 (Surrey) or speak to the camp staff. Open communications are very important to ensure your child has a fantastic time at camp and help tremendously to resolve any problems related to your child not settling. 

What is the Swimming policy?

There is a swimming section in the ‘All about me’ form that will need to be completed prior to camp. This provides our staff with essential information about your child’s swimming ability and confidence in the water. We ask if your child can swim 10 metres without putting their feet down and unaided. If you state ‘No’ your child will be given buoyancy aids in line with their age, height and depth of the pool and will only be permitted to swim in the shallow end. If you state ‘Yes’ they’ll need to demonstrate their ability to the qualified lifeguards by confidently swimming a length of the pool. For additional assurance, all children are given a swim test when they first enter the water and will need to show they are competent swimmers. Swimming is optional, so any child not wishing to swim will be able to take part in alternate activities. 

What if my child isn’t very sporty?

They’re in good company! We appreciate and have taken into consideration that not all children enjoy sports, but all children love running around, playing games and having fun. At Camp 4 Champs there are opportunities for children to participate in many activities; including arts and crafts, cookery, reading, treasure hunts and much more. If your child isn’t the next Harry Kane our staff will make them feel top of the world for learning a few key tips at whatever activity they are involved in and the emphasis is solely on having fun, joining in and learning new things. 

What should my child bring?

We require a completed ‘All about me’ form before your child can attend camp. This form can be found under the ‘My Booking’ tab once logged into your account online. Details must be completed in full and submitted online prior to camp. Please note: Without the ‘All about me’ form we CANNOT accept children onto camp.

We recommend children bring the following to ensure they have a fun filled day:

  • A packed lunch and snack for break-time (but no nuts allowed on camp). Please bear in mind that unfortunately we have no refrigeration facilities at camp.
  • A refillable water bottle with your child’s name on it.
  • There is a tuck shop on site, but we ask you to limit the amount of money your child brings. The suggested amount for tuck is between 50p – £1.00. 
  • Children should wear loose comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather conditions, and closed toe footwear. We suggest you don’t send them in new and expensive clothing as they will be involved in many activities and kids being kids are likely to get mucky! Please ensure your child leaves all valuables at home as staff are not able to look after a child’s possessions. 
  • Swimming kit should be brought in every day for all water activities, although it may not always be needed. An additional T-shirt would be advisable to protect against the sun where venues host a slip and slide activity. If your child does not have swimming kit or would prefer not to take part, there will be an alternative activity available. 
  • Sun cream and a hat. Please provide the appropriate factor sun protection cream, preferably a spray for younger children, as staff will be on hand to do this for them and the children can then rub it in themselves. Throughout the day staff will remind children to apply sun cream at break and lunch. 
  • We provide any equipment necessary for all the activities, so there is no need to send your child/ren with anything other than packed lunch, swimming kit (if required) and sun protection. Please ensure all clothing is named and that your child brings home all items at the end of the day. 

What will my child not need to bring to camp? 

  • We strongly advise that children don’t bring mobile phones*, gadgets or any other valuable items such as jewellery on to camp. In the event of an emergency we have all the contact details required on the ‘All about me’ form. Children will be too busy having fun and making memories with their friends so there’s no real use for these items. Also, Camp 4 Champs staff are not permitted to take care of such items and we cannot accept responsibility if they are lost or stolen. 

*Mobile phones: We understand that older children may need their phones when making their way to and from camp; however, they’re not allowed to be used once on camp, during break times or for photographs. We ask that phones are kept in personal baggage at all times and at the owner’s risk. Please make sure your child is aware of this. 

  • Sports equipment, we have plenty!
  • Due to health and safety reasons, we are unfortunately unable to permit food treats to be brought onto camp to be shared with the children; for example, a child may have a nut allergy. 

My child has a medical condition – can they still attend?

We trust that you will give us as much information as possible about any medical condition/s your child has before camp starts – please share full details on the ‘All about me’ form at the time of booking. In some circumstances we may need to send you some more forms to gain additional information from you about your child’s needs. All information will remain confidential with staff members at your camp and will be placed on the daily register.

Please inform us if it is necessary for us, or your child, to administer any medication throughout the day. All medication must be kept in a named bag or container, a medical form and full details can be completed at registration. 

What if my child carries an Epi-pen?

It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the camp if their child carries an epi-pen.At least one member of the Camp 4 Champs staff at each camp will be trained to administer an Epi-pen in an emergency situation. 

If we have been advised in advance or on the day of camp that a child is required to carry an 

Epi-pen but arrives to camp without it then we will not allow the child to register until it can be provided. 

What should I do if my child has left something at camp?

Please make sure all of your child/ren’s belongings are clearly labelled with their name as this enables staff to return the item to its rightful owner promptly. If you realise your child has misplaced an item, please contact the camp at your earliest convenience and we will organise a time that is best for you to collect it. Lost property items will be displayed in the registration area, please check this when dropping off or collecting your child. If any named items are found on camp, our staff will attempt to contact you to collect before the camp closes. We are not responsible for any items left at camp and will donate all left items to charity after the season has finished.

What if my child has an accident at camp?

Try not to worry, we’re well prepared! We have many safety checks and procedures in place to ensure the best care is provided for your child. As you may appreciate, sometimes children do have accidents when taking part in activities, such as a grazed knee. Qualified first aiders at each camp will deal with minor accidents and illnesses. Should a child suffer a more serious injury or fall ill at camp you will be contacted immediately. If a child requires medication whilst at camp, please supply it in a well-labelled container and sign a consent form available at registration.

Will pictures of my child be shown on the Camp 4 Champs website and social media?

 Photos being taken are for promotional purposes and for parents to view their child’s exciting, fun packed day on our social media platforms! Throughout the day our staff will get snap happy and our best efforts are made to take as many photos as possible at camp. Please bear in mind that we can’t guarantee your child will appear on these platforms as the operation of the camp itself has to come first.

If you do not wish for images of your child to be taken and shared on social media, please update the relevant section on your child’s ‘All about me’ form.

How will you group my child?

Childrenare grouped with others of a similar age where the maximum age difference of children in a group will generally not be more than two years.

Will my child always be in the same group?

Our groupings are organised for each camp (3-day camp or weekly).If you’re booking for more than one week you may find that your child will be placed in different groups on the different weeks. This is because the age profile of the camp changes week by week. Please note that your child will always be in the right age band and therefore with children of a similar age.

My child would like to be grouped with a particular friend

Many children arrive not knowing other children and part of the Camp 4 Champs experience is developing new friendships, interacting with other children and trying out new activities with the superb Camp 4 Champs staff that care for your child. Unfortunately, if the group is full, we are unable just to squeeze in an extra child due to our staff ratio’s as our first priority has to be the safety of all children. Please be assured that we will endeavour to do our best to accommodate friend requests made as long as both children are happy, mutually agree and are a similar age (maximum difference 2 years).

What if my child attends camp without their friends?

Please don’t let this worry you as most children do – they’re either on their own or with a sibling in another group. From the offset our friendly camp staff will reassure your child and encourage them to get involved in our team building activities, which help them settle and make friends in their group, so their day is filled with adventure, fun and laughter!