Camp 4 Champs Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

When you book with Camp 4 Champs, these Terms and Conditions and other information such as our Parent Guide and Policies document define the agreement between us and let you know what to expect from Camp 4 Champs and what we expect from you.

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please email our Customer Services team;


Bookings are accepted through our booking system and will be confirmed by return email.  We do not take bookings over the telephone. A booking is confirmed when we send out our booking confirmation. Receipt of these constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Camp 4 Champs accepts payment by bank transfer, debit or credit card.  We do not accept payment by cheque, PayPal or cash.  All bookings must be paid in full when booking with the exception of bookings using tax free childcare vouchers.

Paying with Childcare Vouchers

Camp 4 Champs accepts tax-free childcare and also all childcare vouchers as a form of full or part payment for bookings. Please refer to our childcare vouchers section for full details.

We are not permitted to refund any booking paid via childcare vouchers to a bank account. If you cancel in accordance with notice as described in our cancellation policy below, we will offer to transfer the full value to an alternative date. If you are unable to give an alternative date, or the session that you give is full, we will apply a 10% cancellation fee to the refund before we allocate the balance as a credit on your account. At your request we will refund the monies back to your voucher provider.

Changing your booking

You can change booking dates for FREE before your Camp 4 Champs booking as long as it’s within the current season, there’s availability and you give us 24 hours’ notice.

If you have booked a full week, you can only move the whole week, unless you’re happy to pay the extra cost to split the days across different weeks.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel a booking or part of a booking up to 14 days before the first date of your booking. Please be aware that we will apply a cancellation fee of 10%  – this is to cover our costs incurred at the point of accepting your booking. You can avoid paying this charge by transferring the whole booking to another available date in the same holiday.  If cancellation is less than 14 days before the first date of the booking, unfortunately we are unable to refund any monies.

Cancellations of camp due to facility closure (coronavirus and any other unforeseen circumstances such as flooding or loss of power etc.) will result in us crediting your Camp 4 Champs account or offering you a full refund.

If, for any reason a child becomes unwell during camp, unfortunately we are unable to refund any monies or credit your account.

Extended Camp

Our extended camp hours are 8am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm and can be booked at an additional charge of £7 per child per day without breakfast or £10 with breakfast.  Our Cancellation Policy above applies to extended camp bookings.

If you wish to move extended care to a different camp day, this is possible with 24 hours or more notice, free of charge.

Your child’s information

It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure that all details provided are accurate, in particular full information about each child, including medical and other special educational needs, and emergency contact information.  If we do not have all this information before camp starts, your child(ren) will not be allowed on camp. It is your responsibility to keep this information up to date and notify us of any changes.

International Bookings

Children booked from overseas are required to have a good level of spoken English so that they can follow the instructions from the leaders and are able to communicate with the other children.

We require a UK telephone contact number and address once you are in the UK, in case of an emergency.

Special requirements

Camp 4 Champs recognises that the needs of individual children vary and will endeavour to accommodate children with specific needs and/or medical conditions within the camp environment. It is our policy not to exclude any child due to specific needs and/or medical conditions wherever possible.

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform us of any medical conditions and special educational needs or disabilities, whether booking online or over the phone, so we can discuss how best to accommodate the child, and consider whether any reasonable adjustments can be made to ensure they are able to fully participate and enjoy the activities on camp within the staffing ratios provided for their age group. The needs of each child vary so decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and depend upon the level of support each individual child may require.

We are not able to provide additional staff to support a child above our standard ratios of 1:15 for 4 to 6 year olds plus dedicated support crew, 1:15 for 7 to 9 year olds and 1:16 for 10+ year olds (both older groups have support crew available as required), irrespective of any specific needs or medical conditions.  Where we feel that a child is not coping within these ratios, we reserve the right to ask the parent/carer to come and collect their child.  No refund will be available.

Where a child does require one-to-one support, Camp 4 Champs will permit parents/carers to attend camp to support their child, providing the Camp 4 Champs safer recruitment standards are met. Camp 4 Champs does not provide one-to-one support.

We are happy to accommodate a child with specific needs on a paid trial basis and reserve the right to review further bookings.

Illness and First Aid

Camp 4 Champs requires that all children who are ill or infectious be kept home for the full duration of their ailment, and for 48 hours after the last symptom occurs. If a child requires medication whilst at camp, staff members will only administer medication if all relevant paperwork has been completed (available upon arrival at registration). All medication must be in a well-labelled container detailing your child’s full name.

In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary.

Essential prescribed medication including Epi-pens must be handed in to the Camp Manager for safe keeping. All Camp 4 Champs First Aid policies are in line with Ofsted recommendations.

Child Exclusion

Camp 4 Champs has a responsibility for ensuring the well-being and safety of all children in our care and have approved procedures for managing behaviour.  The company follows a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying and persistent poor behaviour of any kind, irrespective of any special needs.  On rare occasions, and in more serious cases, we reserve the right to ask parents/carers to remove children from camp. This will be for the remainder of the day (part exclusion) and non-refundable, or for the rest of that particular holiday period (full exclusion, e.g. February half term) and we will refund all monies paid for the remaining days. However, any costs (such as damaged equipment) associated with the exclusion will be the parents’/carers’ responsibility. We reserve the right to exclude a child at any time prior to or during a session due to illness. The parent/carer will be expected to come and collect their child at their earliest convenience.

Late Pick up

All children MUST be collected by 6pm. If for any reason you are unable to collect by 6pm, we ask that you call Head Office 0208 103 0101 as soon as possible.  A member of staff will wait with your child until they are collected.  You will be charged a late pick up fee of £5 for every 5 minutes after 6pm to cover the additional staffing cost. This charge will be added to your account to be paid at your earliest convenience.  If we have no contact from a parent/carer by 6.30pm, we will contact Social Services to advise them we have an uncollected child.  We reserve the right to refuse future bookings from parents/carers who continually pick up up their child(ren) late.

Programme and activities

From time to time, we may need to change venues, dates, activities and courses for reasons within or outside our control.

Activity programmes are subject to change in the event of unsuitable weather or other circumstances beyond our control. Timetables displayed on camp are a guide and are subject to change. Specific extra activities such as swimming are scheduled in as much as possible, however, if you are booking individual days, we cannot guarantee these activities will fall on those particular days.

Personal Property

All your child’s personal property is your responsibility and Camp 4 Champs is not liable for any lost or damaged property at camp. If you believe that your child has left an item on camp, please email us Lost property will remain at camp until the last day of the season and should be collected before the last day.  Unclaimed lost property will be donated to charity.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

All mobile phones* and electrical devices are prohibited on camp. Please do not send your child to camp with any of the above.

*Mobile phones: We understand that older children may need their phones when making their way to and from camp or an after school club; however, they’re not allowed to be used once on site, during break times or for photographs. We ask that phones are kept in personal baggage at all times and at the owner’s risk. Please make sure your child is aware of this. 


All children in our care are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

You accept that the sports and activities on any camp involve an inherent risk of injury. We will undertake all necessary risk assessments and run the camps in as safe an environment as possible, and you accept that we will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with the activities on the camp and you waive all and any such claims against us. Nothing in this disclaimer shall attempt to limit in any way our liability for any matter for which it would be illegal or unlawful for us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability.

Photography / Filming

Please be aware that Camp 4 Champs occasionally take photographs/video footage of children on camp for promotional reasons and to be published on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.  If you do not wish for your child to be photographed/filmed, please ensure that you have opted out on your  registration form.

Sun Cream

Please provide sun cream for your child to apply in hot weather. Staff will remind children to regularly apply sun cream. For younger children a spray lotion would be a good option as the staff can spray this on the children, and they can rub it in themselves. Don’t worry if you forgot to send sun cream, we always have a spare bottle on site!

Parent Feedback / Complaints

If you have concerns or suggestions, please tell us; we value your feedback and use it to develop and improve our services.

If you have a concern regarding camp, this should initially be raised with the Camp Manager.  If you’re unable to resolve the issue, then please contact the relevant Camp 4 Champs Director ( – Essex) or ( – Surrey/Herts) and they will attempt to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.  Please refer to our complaints policy.


Camp 4 Champs has legal obligations in relation to safeguarding and any suggestion of child abuse or neglect will be investigated and reported to our regulator, Ofsted, or relevant local authorities and agencies immediately. Please refer to our safeguarding policy.

Policies and Procedures

For our full policies and procedures document, please visit the Policies & Procedures section of our website.

Data Protection

Camp 4 Champs is registered as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 (GDPR from 25th May 2018).  To process your booking, we need to collect personal details about you and your child(ren).  We will treat it as confidential and keep it secure, complying with all relevant UK legislation.  We will use your email address and telephone number to contact you with information that relates to any bookings that you make and any information that we might need that relates to the welfare of your child.  We would also like to use some of your details to tell you about our products and services and will ask for your consent during the registration / booking process.  You may unsubscribe at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy.

Complimentary Voucher Terms and Conditions

Voucher use

This voucher is valid for the specified dates only. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full. This voucher is not valid in conjunction with any special promotions, discounts or coupons. Vouchers may not be sold on to another party. Only one complimentary day pass voucher can be used per child, during the dates specified on the voucher.

Claim your complimentary place

To claim your place, please book via the website and use the code provided on the voucher.

Last Reviewed:  October 2023

To Be Reviewed: October 2024