Policies and Procedures overview

What are your key policies?

Our policies and procedures recognise that the welfare and interests of children attending Camp 4 Champs holiday camps are paramount in all circumstances. All the information provided within our policies are in line with current advice from Ofsted, local authorities and National Governing Bodies of Sport and detail how our staff will guide, support and keep your child/ren safe whilst they’re in our care. Our staff provide unique care that is consistent and fair, and our camp programmes engage, inspire and guide every child. Our safety standards are challenged externally and internally to ensure our exceptional standard of care never falters. We welcome any feedback from parents, staff and of course children to set the highest standards so you only get the best!

Below is the essence of our key policies. Our full policies are available at all times at camp or if you wish to read them before please refer to our policies page.

What’s your behaviour management policy?

At Camp 4 Champs our aim is that every child feels valued, respected and is treated fairly and well, therefore designed to support the way in which all members of the camp can work together in a supportive way. It aims to promote an environment in which everyone feels happy, safe and secure. Staff members are always there to model and promote positive behaviour and manage challenging behaviour appropriately, fairly and consistently. Should the positive atmosphere of the group be compromised by disruptive or inappropriate actions and words, staff will remind, explain and aim to resolve the issue. Depending on the extent of the infringement and the frequency, we may have to exclude a child from the camp.

What’s your policy on bullying?

We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying at Camp 4 Champs and we take this matter very seriously. Swift action will be taken at the earliest opportunity by our staff to deal with any incidences.

 What’s your child protection policy?

We recognise that the care, protection and welfare of children is paramount. All staff at camp have a responsibility to keep children safe, our policies and practices reflect this responsibility and all staff have a duty in law to act if they consider a child is at risk or makes a disclosure. Our staff act in accordance with the Camp 4 Champs procedures which can be found in our ‘policies’ section.

What’s your confidentiality policy?

Your privacy is very important to us and we are committed to protecting and respecting your and your child’s privacy. We will not collect any personal data from you that we do not need in order to provide or manage the services outlined. Any confidential or sensitive information we receive about your child is only shared with staff on a need to know basis and never with a third party, this applies to all forms of communication. At all times Camp 4 Champs will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely, in accordance with GDPR and in line with our data protection policy.

What’s your equal opportunities policy?

Champ 4 Champs primary aim is to provide equality of opportunity for all children in our care and takes positive actions to eliminate discrimination. We are committed to fairness and to the principle of equal opportunities, ensuring it is applied to all areas of its’ operation.

What’s your health, hygiene and food policy?

Healthy eating and physical activity are vital for proper growth and development in childhood. Camp 4 Champs promotes good health and encourages children to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves on creating a positive link between sport and fun, encouraging involvement in physical activity long after children have attended.

Our staff implement camp procedures to ensure your child recognises good health and hygiene practice whilst on camp; for example:

  • Water stations are provided at each camp and we encourage children to fill their water bottles up when they are running low.
  • Staff role model sun safety. We ask children to apply sun cream at regular intervals and wear a hat if need be.
  • Staff reiterate the importance of washing hands after being to the toilet
  • Children are actively encouraged to put their hand over their mouth when couching/sneezing

We ask that the children be sent to camp with a healthy and nutritious packed lunch, so they have enough energy to keep going all day! Visit https://www.nhs.uk/change4life/recipes/healthier-lunchboxes for fun and interesting pack lunch ideas.  There are also two other breaks during the day for refreshment.

What’s your health and safety policy?

Camp 4 Champs will do all that is reasonable and practicable to protect the health, safety and welfare of all children in our care, along with staff and any other visitors to our sites. Staff will maintain a positive, proactive and diligent attitude towards health and safety throughout the season, frequently checking all systems and reviewing risk assessments if necessary.

At Camp 4 Champs we have a low coach to camper ratio. By keeping the ratios low we feel our children get a positive and enjoyable camp experience in a safe and child centred environment.

All our coaches are fully qualified and hold current DBS certificates.

Both of our sites have amazing facilities, which are of a very high standard.  All our equipment is checked before sessions to ensure that we only run sessions with perfect equipment.

All the equipment that we use is age and size appropriate.